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Electronic Geometry Model No. 2001.02.056


Martin Henk


Densest lattice packing of an octahedron

The octahedron has 6 vertices, 12 edges and 8 triangular facets. It is one of the five Platonic solids (it represents the element air in Plato's Timaios) and its dual is the cube.

The density of a densest lattice packing of an octahedron was already calculated by Minkowski in 1904. In 1948 Whitworth generalized Minkowski's result to a family of truncated cubes. The density of a densest lattice packing is equal to 18/19 = 0.9473..., and the 14 points in the picture show the lattice points of a critical lattice lying in the boundary of an octahedron.

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Keywords lattice packings; polytopes; packings; critical lattice; octahedron
MSC-2000 Classification 52C17 (11H31)
Zentralblatt No. 01682997


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  3. J.V. Whitworth: On the densest packing of sections of a cube, Annali Mat. Pura Appl. 27 (1948), 29 - 37.


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Submitted: Thu Feb 1 16:41:52 CET 2001.
Accepted: Fri Apr 27 14:11:54 CET 2001.

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Martin Henk
University of Magdeburg
Department of Mathematics
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D-39106 Magdeburg