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Electronic Geometry Model No. 2000.09.036


Julian Pfeifle


Secondary polytope of the twisted capped prism.

The twisted capped prism is constructed by twisting a triangular prism, taking the convex hull, and adding a pyramid of the right height on top. This polytope has 26 triangulations, of which the single non-regular one is marked in red in the flip-graph. This non-regular triangulation lies in the interior of the secondary polytope.

This example was constructed by Carl W. Lee and Peter Kleinschmidt in [1].

The file twcap.sec.poly contains all triangulations of the twisted capped prism and its flip graph. This graph is also provided in gml format in the file twcap.sec.gml .

Model produced with: polymake 1.4, TOPCOM 0.9.0

Keywords secondary polytope; triangulation
MSC-2000 Classification 52B11 (52B55)
Zentralblatt No. 01682985


  1. Carl W. Lee: Regular triangulations of convex polytopes, DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics: Applied geometry and discrete mathematics: the Victor Klee Festschrift 4 (1991), 443--456.


Submission information

Submitted: Sun Sep 10 07:10:24 CET 2000.
Accepted: Mon Nov 20 17:06:57 CET 2000.

Author's Address

Julian Pfeifle
Technische Universität Berlin
Fachbereich Mathematik, MA 7-1
Straße des 17. Juni 136
10623 Berlin, Germany